Fox Creek Facilities

Fox Creek Cattle Company 
is located off Princeton Road, 
Hwy 91, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Each week we buy fresh cattle throughout the southeastern states to bring into our state-of-the-art facilities nightly.

As soon as the cattle are unloaded, we provide plenty of county water and 
fresh prairie hay from Kansas.

The cattle are then sorted into uniform groups by sex, size, weight, height, and flesh. 

As needed, we work the cattle through our hydraulic vet chute. We can customize to 
suit any of your processing needs.

After being processed, cattle are turned into spacious, load size pens and kept fresh 
for delivery right to your front door.

We welcome you to visit Fox Creek at any time. You can make yourself 
comfortable in our office over overlooking the barn. . . 

. . .or feel free to take a walk through the facilities

We cordially invite you to come by our facilities and get to know us better.