Carolyn Sorrell
With a lifetime of experience in the cattle business, Carolyn is an expert on cattle and the cattle market. She takes pride that her business is family owned and operated. A savvy businesswoman who combines professionalism with her plain-spoken honesty, she can be trusted with your business. Carolyn has three daughters, Laurie, Leslie, and Lee Ann, a granddaughter, Carson, and a grandson, Chase.

Laurie Sorrell Pemberton
A second generation cattle professional, Laurie manages Fox Creek Cattle Company's, order buying, as well as, pre-conditioning. Laurie tracks sales, purchases, pasture, feed, and seed. You name it, she's learning it. With her extensive knowledge of the cattle business, Laurie is a valuable asset to the company.

Laurie is a graduate of Transylvania University. She is married to Don Pemberton, and they have a daughter, Carson, and a son, Chase.

Don Pemberton
Don and Laurie were married in April of 1997. He grew up in the order buying business in Southern Missouri. Six foot seven, Don towers over the "little" ladies at Fox Creek just like his late father-in-law would have wanted him to.

Bobby Broadbent
Bobby is our backgrounding manager. He has been with the family forever, about 30 years. He handles thousands of our pasture cattle and knows a great deal about animal health. We count on Bobby's know-how to see us through this ever changing Kentucky weather year after year.

Jeff Leavell

Jeff is our resident cowboy. He rides the pastures and doctors sick cattle. He works side-by-side with Bobby. He is married and has two children. He was born and raised in Hopkinsville.

Bobby Robertson

Bobby and his sorting crew diligently work in the alley to sort inbound cattle into uniform groups to suit a customers needs.  They are constantly counting, penning and sorting cattle from the auction barns.

Processing Crew
The cowboy crew is versatile and hardworking. They sort and work the cattle coming in and out of the barn each week. They also ensure our pens are stocked with fresh hay throughout the week.

Cow Boy Crew
These men ride the pasture checking, pulling and doctoring cattle no matter what the weather conditions.  They manage to background over several thousand head of cattle during the course of a year.

Lee Ann Marie Sorrell
Lee Ann is the youngest of the Sorrell daughters. Lee Ann juggles the constant flow of the office, and assists Laurie and Carolyn in the office managing the phones and running the computers.  Calling in you are most likely to speak with her.

Carson Pemberton

A Third Generation of cattle women learning the industry from the ground up.  She comes to the office with her mother and nana every day.  She enjoys the daily life at the office.  Typing on the computer, answering the phone and entertaining the two dogs.  Andy she loves to sit with nana and watch the boys process the cattle from her bird's eye view up in the office.

Chase Montgomery Pemberton

Chase is the youngest addition at Fox Creek and he plans on keeping all of us active since he never slows down.  At age two he already thinks he needs a cap and sorting stick, ready to head to the middle of the alley.  The days of watching from the office are not up to his standards.

Leslie Sorrell

Leslie is Carolyn's second daughter. She lives in Dallas, Texas.  She heads and manages the Magnolia Group, a political consulting group based out of Texas.


Magnum & Domino

Magnum and Domino are not your typical cow-dogs. They come into work each day with Carolyn, but chasing cattle would take a little more energy than they usually care to expend. They prefer to lay at Carolyn's feet and share cookies with Carson & Chase.