We at Fox Creek 
fondly remember 
Gene Sorrell. 
He was a husband, a father, 
a boss, and a truly 
hard-working, honest cattleman.

Gene Sorrell

A family story tells of Gene's run-in with a football coach after arriving late to practice again. His coach demanded a choice--cattle or football. Gene chose cattle. Armed with an open mind, a drive to succeed, a pinch of charm, and the undying support of his young wife, Gene tackled the cattle industry head on. Success was inevitable.
Gene's number one priority in life was family-- cattle were a close second though. Fox Creek is what it is because of Gene's vision. In college he decided on the cattle business and saw no obstacles-- just challenges. Hand-in-hand Gene and Carolyn devoted themselves to creating that vision and living that dream.
Leslie, one of Gene's three daughters remembers:
"You might think it would seem impossible for my dad to have any time with the hours they worked. But with all my dad's successes, it was the simplest of things that pleased him most. . . I can assure you that dad made sure he left behind a legacy of being tough-minded, mean spirited, creative, and compassionate in each one of us."
Fox Creek continues to operate today with the same principles on which Gene built it. Thanks to Gene's dreams and determination, we know hard work definitely pays off, and the relationships we make with others will get us through even the toughest of cattle markets.